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Space for everyone

"I’ve always had these two passions: to try to understand our own society and civilization; and space. I’ve dreamed about designing spacecraft and exploring the universe ever since I was a child.

It is my strong belief that Space can be universally accessible.

EnduroSat was founded with one simple idea in mind: to unlock access to space for scientists and entrepreneurs around the world. I believe that universal access to space could fundamentally improve life on Earth.

We’ve built satellites capable of carrying different sensors and electronics without having to modify the hardware for each specific mission. We can modify our satellites’ performance and carry out updates and improvements throughout the entire mission lifecycle.

Our multi-mission satellites break the traditional model of “single satellite, single mission”, which means we can offer tremendous advantages in terms of cost and performance. I feel fortunate to work in an organisation that empowers brilliant space engineers, scientists, and entrepreneurs to explore further every day."

Raycho Raychev is the CEO of Bulgarian NanoSat provider EnduroSat. Discover how we are helping the company grow and shaping the European New Space 🚀