Our ESG approach

During 2023, CEECAT Capital has further developed and enhanced its ESG Policy to align with SFDR regulation. For CCL CEECAT Fund II SCSp (”CEECAT II” and/or “the Fund”), CEECAT Capital has taken a further step and enhanced its accountability and dedication to sustainable growth by classifying this product as Article 8.

CEECAT Fund II has adopted a 2-level strategy that aims to promote common characteristics for all investments as well as specific characteristics per sector. The strategy encompasses strategic targets from a portfolio point of view and then drills down into targets based on sector considerations taking into account the specific circumstances of each company.

Portfolio-wide objectives Sector-specific objectives Sector-specific objectives
Mitigating global warming by promoting initiatives to monitor and reduce greenhouse gas emissions Manufacturing industry:
– Promote the use of production of renewable energy and improve energy efficiency
– Promote health & safety for employees and subcontractors
Consumer goods:
– Improving the sustainability in purchasing (raw material sourcing, other purchases)
– Promoting the revaluation of products
Ensuring a better representation of women in governance bodies by implementing diversity and gender policies Healthcare:
– Ensuring employee loyalty, satisfaction and retention through value sharing
– Promote health & safety and well-being at work
Consumer services/retailers:
– Promoting waste reduction
– Promote health & safety and well-being at work
Promoting the involvement of portfolio companies in local communities development Tech & Business Services:
– Promote the integration of young employees and support their promotion
– Promote eco-responsible digital or green IT to reduce the social, economic and environmental footprint of digital processes

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