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CEECAT Capital acquires a majority stake in EVAM

CEECAT Capital acquires a majority stake in EVAM, a leading real time streaming analytics company. Capitalizing on its robust software solutions, EVAM will be enhancing its market position in global emerging markets.

EVAM was established in 2015 and has developed its unique solutions in real time customer engagement. The Company’s Evam Marketing Hub provides a complete real-time customer journey and engagement solution powered by machine learning technology; enabling enterprises to take automated action and realize business goals like cross-selling, churn reduction among others.

In 2017, Evam started to position itself as a regional provider, expanding into Europe, the Americas and the CIS. Over the past 3 years Evam has generated more than 50% of its revenues from international clients in those geographies.

CEECAT Fund II focuses on regional champions, supporting the Fund’s themes driven by core convergence, export competitiveness and import substitution in the fast-growing markets of Emerging Europe

Anthony Stalker, Partner of CEECAT Capital:
"One of our themes is to invest into companies that have the potential to emerge as regional/global leaders in their core industry. Evam has proven its capabilities with its ability to acquire customers in Europe, the US and the CIS. We would like to enhance the existing strong core management team and invest into the human capital backbone of Evam to catalyze its next phase of growth. Our target is enabling Evam to fulfill its potential to emerge as a regional leader in global emerging markets via a successful shareholder transition."

Can Alhas, Founder of EVAM: 
“Evam was established upon our dreams together with my partners. Capitalizing on our dream, we have developed Evam to a certain stage. I welcome CEECAT Capital and I believe, with CEECAT, EVAM will accelerate its growth and will have more powerful claim to be one of the leader platforms in its domain”

Bulent Demirkurt, CEO of EVAM:
“Since 2016, I have been managing EVAM proudly. I have always believed and will always believe in our platform, my team and our partners in the journey to evolve a startup into a strong software company with a global presence. CEECAT is highly appreciated and welcomed to unleash our potential and extend our frontiers by leapfrogging into the next level.”

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