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CEECAT Capital invests into EnduroSat

CEECAT Capital has invested into EnduroSat, a company manufacturing satellites as well as providing “Space as a Service” solutions. The investment will accelerate the company’s mission to transform the complex satellite industry into a streamlined data service, enabling instant access and transactions with space data on the cloud from hundreds of sensors in Orbit.

Founded in 2015 by Raycho Raychev and headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria, EnduroSat represents a full-stack space company, owning all hardware and software capabilities in-house. Started as a hardware solution supplier, EnduroSat is moving into the Space as a Service segment, with the aim of making space data universally accessible, by transforming the satellite industry into an open data platform.

CEECAT Fund II invests in companies in Emerging Europe partnering with visionary founders to help promote growth, good governance and social responsibility. The Fund’s themes are driven by core convergence, customer orientation, export competitiveness and import substitution in the fast-growing markets of Emerging Europe.

Anthony Stalker, CEECAT Capital, Partner:

“We are excited to be partnering with Raycho and EnduroSat on their journey to be a global leader in this new chapter of the growth of the space industry. EnduroSat is emerging as a leading player in the fast-growing small satellite market, building on the untapped talent pool of highly skilled and educated scientists and engineers in Bulgaria. What Raycho has achieved to date is truly world class and we share his vision and excitement about the future of space, its benefits to humanity and EnduroSat’s potential to drive this change and emerge as a leader in the industry. We plan to work with Raycho to accelerate the company’s global growth and help him achieve the vision he had when he started this journey 10 years ago.”

Raycho Raychev, EnduroSat Founder and CEO:

“I am truly excited to welcome the CEECAT Capital team onboard. They have demonstrated a true work ethic, understanding and enthusiasm for what we are trying to build and an amazing experience to help us get to the next level. Working together, we will continue to pursue our vision – Space can be universally accessible. Scaling has never been easy and having the right partners makes the biggest difference. I cannot wait to see our next steps of our development.“

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