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CEECAT Capital is proud to announce the exit of EAS batteries to British Volt

Since 2017 CEECAT Capital actively helped Monbat to establish a new line of business in Germany when it acquired EAS Batteries. With the help of our network and the joint hard work of both Monbat and CEECAT Capital, we subsequently transformed the company into one of the leading R&D companies in the Lithium-Ion cell development area.

The resulting new products have been highly sought after by large automotive OEMs. We are now proud to announce that Monbat has sold all of its German operations to British Volt, a European leader in battery technology aiming to reach full decarbonisation.

CEECAT Capital supported Monbat in structuring, negotiating and execution of this landmark transaction and is wishing all parties best of luck on their way to make our world and the environment a little bit better every day.